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It’s raining….WHAT!

March 25, 2016

It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is….we’ll…probably sleeping in.  So you come to Florida to dance in the sunshine, swim with the Dolphins, have fruity cocktails while watching the sunset, and then look what happens….IT RAINS!  What!!  That wasn’t in the brochure?  Well, rest easy, I’m going to show you how to enjoy a rainy day in Naples.

First…after you have woken up and looked out the window…complained and fussed…, go get yourself a cup of coffee. Next, pick one of these fun things to keep you amused when the sky is dropping H2O.

Lunch Out….

Boy or boy, let me tell you, we’ve got restaurants galore.  Go out and try a new restaurant (some listed on this site).  Make it a long, lovely, lunch.  Don’t let that waiter rush you…take you’re time and enjoy. Everyone needs a 3 hour lunch once in a while!  Here are a few of my favorites.

Bricktops at Waterside
La Bazenne on Fifth

Movie Day!!

Put your little rain boots on and head over to Silverspot at Mercado.  This is one of my all time favorite things to do.  They have really comfy, large, relaxing, snuggly chairs (yea…I like the chairs).  You can get food and drinks (yes…full bar folks) and reserved seating.  You can pick which seat you want.  I’m a “G” row person myself.  Not too close, not too far from the screen.  Anyway, try it, you’ll like it…I promise.

Silverspot Theater


Come on!!! Everyone likes to have a little retail therapy on a rainy day.  Naples gives you PLENTY of places that accept that little plastic card or cash.  These stores would love to recommend the perfect outfit or perfect accessory.  You need to bring home a souvenir anyway, so make this the day for it.  Go for a wander (I love that word).  I believe I have perfected the art of wandering.  Anyway…Waterside Shops, Venetian Village, 5th and 3rd Street and Coconut Point are just a few of the great wandering spots.

Waterside Shops


Walk on the Beach..

What?  Walking on the beach in the rain?  I know this sounds a little bit ridiculous, but how about a romantic walk on the beach.  Of course, if it’s thundering, do what the weather folks say…”When Thunder roars…STAY indoors!”  But if it’s just sprinkling, grab that umbrella and take a walk.  Very ZEN….can you say OMMMMMMM.


Get cozy

If all those suggestions seem a bit too adventurous, choose to relax and get cozy.  Put those fuzzy slippers on, pour yourself some tea and grab a good book.  When you’re in Florida there’s a lot of pressure to enjoy that beach, swim in the water and check out those restaurants.  Use today as a good excuse to just “BE”.  I’m trying to perfect this myself (hey…no judging my bunny slippers!).


There you go!  Enjoy your rainy day in Naples and remember, it’s never rains for long in SW Florida!









Dogs, Tropical Depressions and Cherries

August 31, 2015

Happy Monday!! Yes, it’s Monday… Day of getting back in the saddle and doing those things we all have to do. But, what a weekend!! I’m not sure how yours was, but we had a little weather occurrence down here is sunny Naples. Well, it was just a little occurrence… It could have been a bigger occurrence if those mountains in Puerto Rico weren’t there. Yes folks, I’m talking about the Tropical Depression called Erika. Oh Erika… You had such good intentions, but those mountains stopped you right in your tracks. We were watching you…and the weather channel was hoping you were going to be a big star. But you weren’t and I’m happy. Down here in the tropics (I consider Naples the tropics. If you disagree, try doing your hair in this humidity…I win), as soon as we hear of a low forming in the Atlantic…WERE ON IT!! TV, News and everyone is talking about it. I’m happy it was a NON-occurrence. Take that Erika!


My dogs are making me crazy. I love them, I do, and they are soooo darn cute, …but I think they secretly conspire to make me mad. They have this little routine in the morning where Ripley (the older one) gets Boca (the younger one) to obtain food for him. Once the bowl is empty, Boca is begging for the dish to get filled AGAIN. I mean is the younger one scared that the older one is going to starve? Seriously…I’m not going to let the dog starve!! This is just the tip of the iceberg. I’ve got stories to tell. I’m alone with them during the day…I’m onto them. Their sheepish looks to one another…they are planning…scheming… Keep trying pups…I’m onto you!!


Cherries. I’m not sure where I’ve been, but I’ve just recently tried fresh Washington State cherries. WOW! Really good!! I think I associated cherries with the kiddie cocktails of my youth…you know…the soft, yucky, pink ones. I discovered these dark red beauties in July and have been enjoying them ever since. Here’s the problem though…they are seasonal. I know the whole world knows this, but since I’m new in the cherry world, I had no idea! I mean you can buy watermelon year round…why not CHERRIES!!! (sad face)… Oh well, next summer I’m going to be the first one at Wholefoods to buy cherries….just watch!

Onto the work week. Hope yours is great. I’ll be here…in tropical Naples…eating the last of my cherries…with my crazy dogs.