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Coffee time!….at The Brick Coffee and Bar

March 19, 2016

Do you like coffee?  How about creamy, frothy, chocolaty coffee?  For me there is nothing better…especially a frothy, latte with a shake or two of chocolate on the top.  How does that sound for a midday pick-me up?

The Brick Coffee and Bar

We were wandering down 5th Avenue last week in Naples and decided to try out The Brick Coffee and Bar.

We had just eaten, so a great cup of coffee was what we were after.  I ordered a Latte with frothed coconut milk.  When I was asked if I would like chocolate on top, my answer was a loud YES!

The Brick Coffee and Bar

The Brick Coffee and Bar is a great little place to stop in for a bite and coffee/tea.  They also serve beer and wine (tempting, but a little too early in the day).   While you’re there, you’ll notice the cute decor (chandeliers included) and a really nice staff.  If you’re wandering down 5th Avenue, it’s about half way down on the North side of the street.  Perfectly placed to take a break while shopping.  The address is 531 5th Avenue South.

The Brick Coffee and Bar

The Brick Coffee and Bar

My next visit will definitely include lunch as their sandwiches and salads looked delicious!

Give The Brick Coffee and Bar a try…I know you’ll like it.  Don’t forget to ask for the powdered chocolate topping!